Strawberry Punch

A delicious yet healthy Indian snack for everyone will not go unnoticed. It’s a part and parcel of Indian cuisine. It is a sweet dessert made by simmering the milk with a few amount of strawberry to remove water soluble solids and thickened to get the delicious strawberry punch.


Nutritional information

Nutritionalper 100 Gm of this product
Energy370 K. Cal
Total Fat20.85 Gm
Saturated fat13.23 Gm
Mono Unsaturated fat6.9 Gm
Poly unsaturated fat0.62 Gm
Carbohydrate29.9 Gm
Protein15.6 Gm
Calcium552 Mg
Sodium26.8 Mg
Vitamin A548 IU


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