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Feel good about your milk in every way and every day. Tamil milk brings the goodness of the milk for you.

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Better protein naturally with our milk products. Add our Fresh and safe milk products for a healthier step.
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About Tamil Milk

 In the year 2001, we established a state-of-the-art dairy plant for the processing of milk. 

Gk Dairy foundation was established in the year 2001 and has been consistently striving for the honest attempt to serve nutritious milk. We are a community for bringing healthier life in every home. We established it as the state of the dairy plant in Thanjavur District for fresh unprocessed whole milk. Since then, there is no turning back on and we make it the most reliable milk source for other dairy products like curd, butter, ghee, paneer and milk based sweets.

Our Mission
Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle through superior dairy, functional food and food products.
Our Vision
To be the brand of choice in every market we operate in.
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Our Wide Range Dairy Products

The industry processes raw milk into an array of products such as butter, cheese, cream, yogurt, condensed milk, dried milk, ice cream, etc, and produces various by-products including buttermilk, whey, ghee, and skimmed milk. When they were starting out, spoilage during the course of marketing the milk to other districts was a big challenge. This led to the utilization of a Puff insulated vehicle for milk transportation and the training of all dealers.

Pure & Healthy
Our products are pure and unadulterated
High quality
We give you the highest quality products
100% Safe & Hygienic
Maintaining clean & safer environment.
Happy customers
Strive to satisfy the customers in every possible way
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Why Tamil Milk?

We give 100 percent commitment to 100 percent quality. We assure close monitoring to cow’s health and produce the best milk. The milk is thoroughly tested to bring 100%hygienic and the quality.

We assured the milk reaches our customers in its most fresh state and also economic way. Tamil milk is -Not adulterated, Organic and free from hard residues. Milk products, whether flavored or not, have an unparalleled nutrient package with 13 essential nutrients including high-quality protein, calcium, potassium and vitamin D, in every glass. And at just about one serving per cup, it offers a nutritional bargain at an affordable price that you can’t pass up.

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Nutrition and Benefits

Nutrition Benefits of Tamil Milk
Milk contain 8 grams of high quality protein.
Milk a top source of calcium in diets.
Milk contains potassium.
Helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure
Milk is a key source of vitamin D.
Milk is an excellent source of vitamin B12.
Milk is a good source of vitamin A.
Milk is an excellent source of Riboflavin (also known as B2).
Milk fulfills 25% of your dairy phosphorus needs.
Milk is a healthy source of Niacin (also known as B3).
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All our products are fresh.

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