Milk Processing

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Milk Processing


Supplied by Tetra- Pak and Imported from Sweden, Our state of the art modern daily plant is equipped with the latest technology and machinery. The present handling capacity of the plant is equivalent to 4.0 lakh litres of liquid milk.

Chilling, pasteurization, homogenization, product manufacturing, packing etc. are different stages of processing that is carried out under a controlled environment with quality as priority. We follow stringent quality check for physical, chemical, microbiological and residue monitoring levels at different stages of production to ensure superior standards of milk and milk products.

Milk and milk products are packed in conducive and controlled environment to maintain the product quality. Higher standard packing materials are used for primary and secondary packaging. All the packing materials are food grade materials which meets the industrial standard.

After filling, the packs are stamped with batch code, manufacturing and expiry details and Agmark running number for ghee etc. All the packed products are stored either in cold storage or ambient storage depending upon the temperature required for different products


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